Introductory Advertising Rates

We are introducing our rates to everyone viewing our site. Please review the introductory rates and get in touch with a marketing rep to have your listing listed on our site. 





Hush Korner Sponsor

This ad will appear on the Hush Korner main page of the web site. Due to the limited number of spaces in this very desirable spot we are not able to offer multiple spots or sizes.


We have one space available. We will accept reservations for space on the front page for future advertisers.

Ad Features:

  • Your company's logo or image of your choice. Ads appear approximately the same size as the examples.

  • Active link to your company's web page.

  • FREE "Enhanced Active Ad" listing in the appropriate business category.

  • $50.00 monthly for all the above. Rate based on a 12-month minimum contract. Payable monthly or annually. *Annual prepayment discount available. (two months free)







Event Banner Ad

These ads can placed on any one of the three pages: Jobs, Business and Events pages (you can specify the page you wish your ad to appear on). 

Ad Features:

  • Your Company logo or image of your choice.

  • $35.00 per month. 2-month minimum contract.

Job Listing

This will appear along the righthand side in the "Jobs" section.

Ad Features:

  • The Job title in bold.

  • Your company's name.

  • The City and State.

  • A brief description of job.

  • Active Link to you company's web page. ($5.00 extra a month)

  • $5.00 monthly. 6-month minimum contract. ($10.00 a month with Active Link addition)





Student Records Specialist‪ - new

‪‪Appalachian State University‪‪ - ‪‪Boone, NC 

The employee is the primary contact person for students, faculty, and staff needing academic information (policies, procedures, GPA calculations, NCAA audits,...

If none of these options suits your needs please email us with your requests. Customized ads are subject to additional fees. Ads may be edited for clarity. We charge a $50 set up fee. Additional fees may be charged if graphics or text requires additional time. We will contact you if that appears necessary. Ad text and graphics may be changed during the life of the contract for a nominal fee. We reserve the right to NOT accept ads inconsistent with the management policies of Hush Lounge Media. No refunds will be given in the event of early cancellation of ads.


*All rates are subject to a 8.25% sales tax. Rates per site are subject to change with 60 days notice. Rates will be honored for the duration of signed contracts.