Heather Raquel is the CEO, Founder, and Host of the HUSH Lounge. HUSH was birthed out of her Pain.  With this she wanted to be able to share real life issues with real people through real conversation. There‚Äôs no Filter when you enter the HUSH Lounge. 


Heather saw the lack of promoting the underdog and wanted to create a platform for indie artist and business owners.


When she is not on the air or interviewing some up and coming artist or business owner you can find her working with her charity The Giving Life Foundation. Which brings awareness to different shelters around the DFW Metrolpex. Heather also blogs for media outlets in Dallas, DFW Black Bloggers being one of them  Once a month Heather is going to write something to educate, inspire you, make you think, or have you laughing at her silliness. 


Heather has committed her life to helping people be a better them. Heather started the Grass Roots Initiative in 2016 to help educate her community and others on voting and politics at a local level. 

Heather Raquel